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  1. For myself, this means that to truly appreciate something we are more motivated than something than base desire. Base doesn’t have to be an “animalistic” response – I don’t equate the two with one another, since animals can often do many finer things than humanity can do. (witness animals that will raise young of a completely different species to be inspired how animals show us up, for example)

    I think having that ability to have that distance, yet still appreciate it, shows that we have made an active decision, a choice, to enjoy something. It’s not just some thing we cannot control, like our “desire” for air, for example. Everything is a choice but many people have their choices made for them by whatever means.

    Perhaps reflective contemplation is an “enlightened desire” – but I think the appreciation is somewhat finer once that distance is there – for there is the rushing back, the negation of distance where there is the returned oneness between admirer and the object of desire. Whether this is eating an apple or embracing the loved one, I feel the principle is the same.

  2. Distance is almost madated for appreciation. When consumed in the passion of an object, the experience is entirely sensual. Which is preferrable depends on your personality as well as the timing and placement of things. Both are surely enjoyable. One for the actual soul-building experience, the other for the magnetism it evokes. Passion of experience and passion for experience … deliciousness on both ends of the scales.

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