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April 04, 2010

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Thunder For Laughing
Hollywood, CA
April 03, 2010
The day ends when I sleep. And as the hours become shorter and the fate of another minute finds mortality, my urge to connect takes over. I do not want to be alone.

Maybe the smoke of lemon grass will raise this room. Maybe if it is waved and danced and chanted over - words of spiritual forfeit - then peace will find me. Answers will descend. Beating wings from hummingbird heaven or plants underneath me, nourished by my surrender, or riotous demons with thunder for laughing - I will be taken by what claims comfort because I do not want to be alone in the end.

As If Forgetting
Hollywood, CA
April 02, 2010

Searching with half-sight for my dignity, dropped somewhere at his feet. Ashamed hands, angry at the heart, finger fine fabrics and precious pillows. Between these cushions, not a crumb of truth to save me.

All of my magick, all of my colors, all of my freedom was a beautiful distraction. In the end, don't we all have our real lives to tend? I can arch and sing song of giant female empowered. I can think galaxies onto chart. I can forgive with the genuine depth of chosen innocence, you'd think I'd never been wronged. Never been raked. Never been medicated. I can forgive with the blind stupidity of the inexperienced child. But instead, I will forgive with the woman's used heart. He used it. I used it. I intend on using it again.

Twist the knob and not the knife. Just turn, turn as if forgetting. Make not one noise, hold not one memory of ever having touched me. Cross the carpet with silent, undoing steps, pausing only in the side of the room where minds can be read and lies lose definition.

Until then, keep walking. Let me be.

Kyoto Korp Kun Kha
Hollywood, CA
March 26, 2010
a base of:
2C green leaf lettuce sliced in width-wise 1" bands

topped with:
1C sea spaghetti (soaked 20min min before hand - difficult to find - get it in the USA here)
6oz perfectly ripe Hass avocado cubed in 1" squares
3oz deskinned cucumber cubed in 1" squares

dress generously with:
1/2 - 3/4C Thai coconut water (go for a very pourable cream consistency)
3/4C raw almond butter (available here)
1/2 Meyer lemon's juice
1/8C Huckleberry vinegar
1T powdered ginger
1/8T pink Himalayan rock salt
1/4T powdered cayenne pepper
(blend on high for 1min first, after starting the seaweed soaking so the flavors can mix while you prep the salad - this dressing refrigerates well)

top with:
white sesame seeds to taste

enjoy with chop sticks and Pinot Noir!

Sustainable Wine Review: 2008 Bouchaine Estate Chardonnay
EcoHearth Column
March 23, 2010
Tomatoe Slices by TonakawhoOh, lovely life. I return home from a long day at the theatre with one mission: relax and take care of myself before early rehearsal again tomorrow—our first audience is Monday night. This is an intense time in the process. I open my screenless windows at midnight to let the blooming jasmine lurk in. I flop my shoes onto the wood floors and massage my own dancer feet. I am relaxing and taking care of myself the best way I can imagine. Oh, lovely life: This day ends with wine. Read more...