666 S. La Brea

First let me tell you about my neighborhood in Los Angeles.  It’s happening.  There’s a damn subway station being built on the corner, which is possibly the most traversed intersection in Los Angeles.  Mid-Wilshire is home to the La Brea Tar Pits, LACMA, El Ray, Peterson Auto Museum and Miracle Mile business district.  My neighborhood is filled with established entertainment industry professionals that have succeeded in the hustle that makes this their career long-term.  They make a certain level of income and spend it all on fancy drinks.  They have dogs and walk them at all hours, so I am never alone when I carry my costumes and props home at 2am.  Neighbors hang outside and talk to each other in my hood.  There are no fences around properties or tagging on the garages.  There is no litter in the gutters.  Where I live is a tad foo-foo, very safe, extremely active and really exciting.  That’s my neighborhood.

Now, imagine:  there is this giant warehouse situated on the main intersection, isolated like a fortress with 15′ barbed wire surrounding the parking lot (yes, a city parking lot right in this neighborhood) which by the way, is always empty – ALWAYS – with no cars coming or going, no humans entering or exiting ever.  The value of this real estate is certainly astronomical what with a city subway being built beneath is and all the happening bars, restaurants, pole studios and cafes doing foot-traffic business surrounding it.  Still, it sits stoically with great gates and fences of protection for activity which is never seen happening.  The address is 666 S. La Brea and it belongs to AT&T.


I am inspired by the enigma.  The numbers on the outside are just icing on the cake to me.  It just doesn’t make any sense in a big way.  And I love that shit.  But get this – I’m reading Robert Anton Wilson’s “Everything Is Under Control” and come across this paragraph on page 546:

“Recently AT&T announced that their research subsidiary, Bell Laboratories, has been renamed Lucent Technologies. This did not escape the attention of ardent conspiriologist Texe Marrs, who asks with shrewd attention to detail: “…does AT&T’s baby have horns? Does this name Lucent have any link to the name Lucifer? Could it be that, as one writer has suggested, Lucent stands for Lucifer’s Enterprise?”

Mr. Marrs also finds dark significance in the fact that Lucent’s network operating system is called “Inferno,” and the company has an office at 666 Fifth Avenue in New York.”

Really?  So now AT&T has locations or subsidiary locations at 666 in Los Angeles and New York as well?  I do a little more research on the Lucent Technologies subsidiary company and discover that Lucent designed and created the first biochip approved under Obama Care for implant into human bodies.  Pastors and Christians (neither of which am I) call the chip the Sign of the Beast which is kind of fun.

And yes, Lucent Technologies logo is a ring of fire and yes, Lucent also has distributed a free operating system named Inferno, predecessor to Unix.  The corporations and subsidiaries have changed hands several times since 2006.

But in the end, isn’t it exciting?  Weird desolate building on sky-high real estate property in Los Angeles.  Two related offices at 666 in LA and NYC.  The choice of names Lucent and Inferno.  Ring of fire logo and type of business engaged in.  Makes my neighborhood a little less fancy drink and a lot more Illuminati if you ask me.


  1. Don

    April 7th, 2015 15:13

    That is SO WEIRD! I love it!


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