Tactics for Being a Creator


I’m a producer now.  Without hesitation and with audible voice I say it aloud:  I produce.   You have a vision and you bring it to life with the help of a team and then one day it looks like what you envisioned without ever showing a soul the mental photograph you’ve been working off.   That’s magick.  That’s birth.  That’s creation.

I get a whole other joy from producing than I do performing.  And so far, I’ve ALSO performed in most of the projects I’ve produced as well.  Talk about adding a whole nother level to the effort!  After the last pinup photo shoot with John Sluder photographing and Shoot Cut Deliver filming, I questioned weather I actually wanted to perform in something I’d produced again.  Almost immediately, I asked, rather, how I could create the next production as something I enjoyed performing in and still had enough to give both responsibilities and come off on top.  Cause that’s what producers do.  We find solutions.

I know now, there are only solutions.

But there are so many situations.  And communication (or lack thereof) styles.  There are technical difficulties and egos that do nothing but give me a pain in my ass.  There’s surprises and lessons learned lots of lost sleep.  Through it all, a producer creates the art, but more frequently is engaged in creating solutions.

Today one of my show’s stars felt overwhelmed at performing 3 solos and 2 group choreo numbers.  I’m performing 6 solos and 2 group numbers.  And in this Pinup Pole Show performance three of those solos are new.  Girls, we got this.  Move directly towards the target with confidence and gumption.  Now is our time.

I’ve also developed the ability to step aside and trust it’s a resting point without making it a stopping point.   Setting myself up for success.  Tactics for being a creator.





* video screen capture by Shoot Cut Deliver on the Pinup Pole Show pinup photo shoot with John Sluder

  1. Don

    July 1st, 2015 10:33

    You Create and inspire Creation. It’s one reason people are drawn to you (and draw you!). You put so much hard work, experience, and talent into what you do I look forward to seeing it. Not just because I’m a friend or a fan. Because I admire quality and you deliver.


  2. Tonya Kay

    July 1st, 2015 10:41

    Don, that means a lot. I do feel competent these days. The challenges that I’ve accepted and learned from are not small feats. And I know you are well versed in art of all genre, so when you say you appreciate quality, I know that’s from a richly educated space.


  3. Jamal

    July 1st, 2015 19:40

    So the Dynamo strikes again? And again… and again. lol. I know now what to expect from you. I’ve seen your work and talent when others are producing, directing, editing, and educating. It is top notch, top craft. I’ve also seen your work when you are producing, directing, editing, and educating. Guess what?… Chickenbutt lol (I couldn’t help myself) No seriously there is no difference. It is still top notch, top craft when you are in charge. It’s wild that you wear so many hat and still look incredible wearing them. You make it look as if you never settle for less. That is a great trait for a producer we sometimes have to settle for less but you my nakama hide it very well. You rock endlessly.


    • Tonya Kay

      July 14th, 2015 14:31

      Hi, Jamal! I’m in a state of constant assessment of my happiness, health and creativity. I will always be asking “is this right”, “is this valuable”, “do I continue?”. Ever unfolding. I think self-awareness is a noble journey, if not crazy-making!


  4. Jamal

    July 1st, 2015 19:42

    And yes I do want to be notified of comments and follow ups by email. Lmao


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