If it breathes, it lives.

I think of myself as a reasonable person. With a good head on my shoulders and a strong centered perspectice to observe things from. I don’t reveal this information flipantly nor do I hope it’s true or not true. But

this hotel is haunted

A woman has a sense about her. A way to evesdrop and understand. A woman also has a way about her which brings curiosity from

and weather
and energy.

You may never hear me mention this again: this hotel whispers when you lean out over the indoor balcony. It shrieks at your shoulder when alone in the stairwell. It blurs and shifts shapes while others asleep.

Underneath fresh towels, the breath is real. If it breathes, it lives.


this hotel is haunted



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  1. Don

    October 10th, 2015 6:08

    By what I wonder? Or whom?


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