Raw Vegan Gluten-Free Pretzel Recipe by Tonya Kay

I’ve been high raw vegan for 11 years now at the writing of this.  I love it.  Everything about it.  Except – WHERE’D THE SALT GO?!?  I’ve never had a sweet tooth, preferring popcorn and pretzels to chocolate and candy any day and as soon as I transitioned from cooked vegan to raw vegan my love for the salt flavor was neglected.

Now that I’ve been raw for over a decade, I appreciate unsalted salad dressings and soups like the best of them.  But still … what if there was that one raw food that actually satisfied my old love of pretzels but without the wheat, the corn syrup, the table salt.  Is there a way to make a healthy pretzel?

Below is my recipe for healthy, raw vegan, organic, gluten-free pretzels with a holiday “Chex mix” style flavoring to them, just to satisfy two food rituals in one.

Raw Vegan Gluten-free Pretzel Recipe by Tonya Kay



Equipment you will need:

  • food processor
  • large mixing bowl
  • icing bag (large, thick ziploc bag with small hole cut in tip works fine, too)
  • icing tips (if you want to get fancy)
  • variable temperature food dehydrator

All ingredients raw, organic and sourced locally when possible, of course:

  • 4C moist almond pulp
  • 1 ¼C coconut vinegar (white wine or rice vinegar can be substituted)
  • ½C almond butter
  • ⅓C molasses (maple syrup or dark agave can be substituted)
  • ⅓C clean water
  • 4T flax meal
  • 4T chia meal
  • 1 ⅔T coconut aminos (Bragg’s aminos or wheat-contining nama shoyu can be substituted)
  • 1 ⅓T light agave
  • 1T vanilla powder
  • 1T ground mustard seed
  • ½T ground cloves
  • 2t Himalayan salt
  • course Himalayan salt for top of pretzel

Blend vinegar, molasses, water, aminos, agave, vanilla, mustard seed and cloves in blender on low until thoroughly mixed.  Set aside.

In food processor with S blade, pulse almond pulp, flax meal, chia meal and salt until uniformly combined.

Add almond butter and blended liquid to food processor, pulsing until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Fill icing bag or ziploc bag with mixture.  Icing tip or size of hole cut in corner will determine the diameter and shape of your pretzels – get artsy and have some fun. Work all the air bubbles out of the bag, then squeeze straight lines of dough onto teflex sheet on dehydrator tray about an inch apart (they will not be rising in our low-temperature oven, so they can be close).  Press course Himalayan salt gently but firmly into top of pretzel dough manually.  You must press it (gently) or else it won’t stick.  This salt pressing requires a bit of patience, but is the whole point of pretzels!

Place in dehydrator at 130 degrees until outer crust hardens (about 1 ½ hrs).  Remove from dehydrator and remove from teflex sheet, placing pretzels back on mesh sheet.  I have a silly way of doing this: slide teflex sheet off tray, sandwich dough between teflex and mesh sheet, then valiantly FLIP the whole thing over back onto the dehydrator tray so that the mesh sheet is now on bottom and the teflex can be gently pulled back and off.  You might break a few pretzels, but you’re gonna want to to make them different shapes anyway, so I think this is more fun.

Place back in dehydrator at 115 degrees until desired crispness (4-6 hours).  Remove from dehydrator and break into desired length, from 1 inch to 5 and enjoy your salt healthy style!


Raw Vegan Gluten-free Pretzel Recipe by Tonya Kay



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