The Muse WINS

The Muse WINS

Seraph Film’s The Muse takes Best Short and Best Cinematography at the Action on Film Fest 2015.  Tonya Kay plays lead role, THE MUSE, written by Don Carpenter.

  1. Don Carpenter

    October 13th, 2015 12:30

    The origin of the story and the creation of the film are very strongly linked.

    I was on my way to the airport from my first visit to Hollywood. I had finished what I was reading and told Tonya I needed to pick up something to read on the flight. “Nope” she said, “You’re going to write.”

    I had no choice. If you ever met Tonya in person you’ll know what I’m talking about. She makes painters want to paint, sculptors want to sculpt, if you draw you’ll want to draw, photographers want her picture, and writers will write. She IS a Muse in every sense of the word.

    So that’s what I wrote about, a formerly successful writer who had writer’s block and his Muse who was very, very angry with him.
    Maybe you’ve seen this cartoon

    About a year later Seraph Films had a script contest for Horror Haikus. This story was easily and , I hope, effectively shortened to fit within the time frame. I had never written a screenplay before but I did my best. It won!

    For casting I had one wish. I wanted Tonya to play the Muse. It was too perfect! If you follow her regularly you know she’s very very busy. I begged, I pleaded, and she very kindly conceded to my groveling. I owe her big.

    I had not met Craig or Granville before but I could not be happier. What a team! And what a film! I am so very proud of my little story. I hope you enjoy it.

    I’m currently trying to take The Muse from a short story into something more like a novella, including things like her origin, their previous relationship, his failing marriage, etc. There’s so much to tell!


    • Tonya Kay

      October 13th, 2015 14:48

      I tried to keep it secret from you!

      Don, this is a witchy full circle. Can you email me this Comment? When the short goes live, people would enjoy reading this I bet.


      • Don

        October 13th, 2015 14:55

        I was wondering about it until the Christmas party! It was a conspiracy!


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